Lessons in Lunch

I created my market-to-table sessions in 2001, an entire morning of shopping and cooking, tastings, lunch, fine wines and important gifts. Times have changed. My favorite farmers don't sell at the Santo Spirito market, and now send an email of available produce and deliver to my home. My generous gifts of liquids, in light of traveling restrictions, became impractical. The euro priced my lessons into high luxury, not my intention.I have streamlined the sessions into "Lessons in Lunch", an 8-course meal, limited to 8 participants, preceded by and interspersed with tastings, tips, and demonstrations, paired with Italy's finest wines, distillates, espresso. "Lessons in Lunch" begins at noon on Wednesdays with a tasting, snack, glass of wine and brief demo. Lunch follows, with many dishes prepared at the moment, classics easily duplicated at home with provided recipes. "Lessons in Lunch" will change the way participants cook and eat Italian. A special guest of gastronomic or cultural interest usually joins us for lunch. A gift bag of exceptional ingredients includes liquids less than 100cc. for carry-on luggage. Best of all, we've downsized the price, and there's a discount for web sign-ups.

Full hands-on Market-to-Table sessions that begin at 9:30 can be organized for groups of 5-6. They're more expensive.


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