Welcome to my home. And my kitchen where I spend most of my time when I’m not traveling in Italy. Here’s my fireplace that, when Ernesto retired and stopped delivering wood (up a serious flight of stairs) has become an altar of Italian food and wine. 

I want everyone to experience the Italy I love. Look for my latest news.  And to the travel section to follow in my footsteps, with maps. There are recipes that I love organized by course. And a peek in my pantry, with ingredients I can’t live without. Links to my books. And terrific food-centric tours of Firenze. 

Buon viaggio. And buon appetito. 


Faith Heller Willinger is a born-again Italian.  She moved to Italy over 40 years ago to learn all about Italian food and wine, study with professional chefs and home cooks, and travel the back roads looking for artisans who hand-craft the best products, prepare the best food, and make the best wine. She wants her readers to taste it all. 


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