Faith's Books

Faith Willinger has spent more than four decades exploring Italy, traveling from the Alps to Sicily to track down the best restaurants, regional cooks, artisans, winemakers, and markets, visiting artistic and architectural wonders between meals. Along the way, she’s made many friends, eaten mostly worthy calories, and collected a wealth of authentic Italian recipes.

Faith has written three salient books that cover different aspects of cooking and eating Italian food.

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Adventures of an Italian Food Lover

Adventures of an Italian Food Lover offers readers an insider's tour of Italy through introductions to Faith’s friends and their families, each accompanied by a recipe.  Watercolor illustrations are by Suzanne Heller, Faith's sister.

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Red, White & Greens

A treat for vegetable lovers. Faith’s recipes are simple, everyday, most are easy to execute.  Each chapter focuses on a vegetable and includes history, folklore, as well as recipes with a story.

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Eating in Italy: A traveler's guide to the hidden gastronomic pleasures of Northern Italy

Eating in Italy was a first—a users’ manual for gastronomic Italy, with general information and regional reasoning—menus, wine lists, specialties, cities of culinary interest with accommodations where necessary.  Although it’s out of date, pre-internet, it’s still of great value as a Italian regional introduction and most places are still around, worth a visit.