New Year 2013


It's a new year, time for change.  I've got a new assistant, Megan DeAngelo, who is simply fantastic.  She'll be conducting food lovers' tours, gelato crawls and an exciting new program that's a work in progress. 

I'm planning some big changes for my site-there's lots of useful information but it's difficult to access.  I'm thinking about interactive regional maps.  Suggestions?

I've started to think about my next Culinary Adventure, probably in Campania in October.

So stay tuned.  


Region: Campania

I'm very lucky. I live in Florence.

I moved to Italy over 35 years ago and discovered that I had to learn all about Italian food and wine. I studied with professional chefs and home cooks, traveled back-roads looking for artisans who hand craft the best products, prepare the best food, make the best wine. more


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